Picture of 41U 2-Post Cable Cove Open Frame Telco Rack

41U 2-Post Cable Cove Open Frame Telco Rack

Kendall Howard Part # 1911-3-000-41

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Kendall Howard # 1911-3-000-41 - 41U 2-Post Open Frame Telco Relay Rack

Kendall Howard's 1911-3-000-41 - offers wide side channels for cable management for your telecom, network, server equipment


RMU Spaces                    41U                                    
Mounting Depth
24 inches
External Height
78 inches
External Width
24 inches
Rack Rails Cage Nut style
Weight Capacity
1200 lbs.
Weight 69 lbs.

 Technical Notes:  Made in USA, Lifetime Warranty

 Applications: Rack mount and secure network, IT, and audio/video equipment

Application Shots:

kendall howard 8U rack

*Equipment not included

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